Active in the global market
The main products are precision cutting of metal Bar by CNC machine tools..
Probe part
Probe parts, from sample fabrication to mass production, can handle a variety of types.
Optical communication and 5G related products
Optical communication connector parts, positioning pins for multi-core MPO connectors for data centers and high-precision parts for TOSA/ROSA.
Automotive related products
It mainly covers engine peripheral parts, lens, sensor and shaft parts.
Other products
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Our strengths
  • Strength01Skilful mechanic
    By skilled professionals to produce high quality
  • Strength02Stable mass production system
    We have established a mature production line that can meet customers' delivery time requirements
  • Strength03We can start from small orders
    We have the flexibility to meet sample and small order requirements
  • Strength04Perfect quality assurance system
    Each product has inspection contents and standards, and keeps all inspection records. We have obtained ISO9001 certification system.
Our skill
  • Slogan, features
    FINETEST is committed to becoming the benchmark enterprise in the field of high precision machining in China, serving customers based on semiconductor products.
    Our enterprise philosophy is "People-oriented, craftsman heart"
    We take to create the real Chinese high precision manufacturing as its own responsibility, the collection of the most outstanding domestic precision turning and milling complex machine tool enterprise core technical team and semiconductor industry experts at home and abroad together to form a set of quality, delivery, service with cost-effective enterprises. In the sample production has also formed a set of unique solutions corresponding to customer demands, for customers most concerned about the products can give timely and effective feedback.
  • Development
    The company has experienced long-term technology development, equipment upgrading, efficiency improvement, raw material research and development, supply channels and other aspects of the improvement, as well as the good feedback given by customers, the company has established a number of production bases in Dalian, Dandong, Shanghai. Based on THE needs of THE market, THE FINETEST aims to radiate THE Asian market based on East China, relying on Shanghai to face THE world.
    We aim for perfection and excellence, improve efficiency, invest heavily in technology research and development, as well as the development of special tools. Combined with the advantages of equipment partners, constantly improve the management and external service level, determined to provide perfect one-stop service for customers, hope to get customers' trust and support.
  • Strengths
    Since the establishment of the company, we have been providing services for watches, optical communications and other manufacturers who need high precision parts. Through the accumulation of technical ability over a long period of time, further production of more difficult probe parts manufacturing. Our greatest advantage is the use of our own design and production of CNC lathes to produce customer needs of the parts. We will upgrade the equipment to meet the requirements of customers with high quality and relatively short delivery time.